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Budapest: Your Adventure Starts Here

Budapest is famous for its rich culture and history, underground caves, the mighty Danube river and for being the spa capital of the World. The city that has invented the concept of "ruin bars" and has the largest parliament building of Europe has a lot to offer for architecture and design enthusiasts.

Some landmarks you can't miss:

  • The Hungarian Parliament

Hungary's biggest structure of 18.000 sqm, is the world's third largest National Assembly. It combines the architectural styles of Neo-gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

  • Heroes Square

Located at the end of Andrássy Avenue, the square offers a lot to see: the millennium monument depicting the seven chieftains of the Magyar tribes and the statue of Archangel Gabriel holding the Hungarian crown. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Palace of Art (Műcsarnok) are situated on the sides.

  • Hungarian State Opera House

Commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph, the Opera has opened its gates in 1884. It's incredible acoustic and architecture is famous.

  • The Chain Bridge

It connects Buda and Pest since 1849 and offers stunning views of the Danube River.

  • Dohány Street Synagogue

Also known as the Great Synagogue, the largest of the world outside of Israel. It was finished in 1859 and was built in Moorish Revival style, inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

  • Hungarian National Museum

The Neoclassical building is a fine example of Budapest's cultural heritage and is filled with pieces related to Hungarian history. Its garden is a popular meeting spot for locals.

  • The Buda Castle funicular

The chain railway is the second oldest in the world, and has opened in 1870. It is the fastest way to visit the Castle Hill and offers panoramic views of the Danube river.

  • Buda Castle

The Buda castle is the former palace of the Hungarian kings that has been originally built in 1265. The Baroque structures have been added later. It has a very stormy history with frequent changes of ownership and armed conflicts. Currently it houses the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

  • The Fishermen's Bastion

A Neo-gothic construction that is the best location to enjoy the views of the city. It's seven turrets symbolise the seven tribes of the Magyars.

  • House of Terror

The museum (formerly the headquarters of the secret police) is a horrifying display of the country's history.

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