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What is Interior Design Journeys?

We are interior designers and design enthusiasts, who teamed up with a travel company, with the objective of creating unique, and design themed journeys to some of the interior design hotspots on the planet.

All journeys are carefully planned and implemented. All our journeys are enjoyable for professionals (architects, interior designers, design shop owners or decorators) and design enthusiasts as well.

What will you get?

  • stay in a carefully selected hotel or villa, with exquisite design and luxury comfort.

  • travel with a small group of enthusiastic individuals who share your interest.

  • visits to cultural sights, guided by highly qualified professionals.

  • off the beaten track experiences: visits to buildings that are not open to public.

  • inspiration for your work or own home project.

  • meet well known and lesser known local artists, artisans.

  • learn about traditional and local building and design techniques.

  • shop with a personal shopper and get access to the best products.

  • an insight into local culture through experiences and food.

The first edition of our Interior Design Journeys, goes to Marrakech, therefore, I am going to post some interesting design related stories from Morocco in the upcoming posts.

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