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New Destination: Mallorca, the star of the Mediterranean

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I have a long lasting love affair with the island of Mallorca. A multifaceted beauty, with astonishing nature: azure blue sea, green pine forests, white sand and yellowish rocks. Thousand year old artisan traditions are still alive on the island, like textile weaving (the Mallorcan ikat is world famous), basket weaving, pottery, woodcrafts, cement and ceramic tiles and a lot more! The island was always influenced by other Mediterranean and North African cultures, that resulted in unique architecture, mostly visible in the mountain villages.

The industrial revolution brought wealth and modern lifestyle to the island. Palma, and other towns like Sóller have developed, and the result is a high number of buildings of modernist architecture.

We are currently working on a design guide for the island and...secret revealed: it will be the next destination for an Interior Design Journey.

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