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The essence of Italy: Tuscany for all senses

Have you ever been to a place, and felt the thousand year old stories behind the walls, on the streets, in the culture? Well, Tuscany makes it very easy for us to FEEL the weight of history.

It is all around the place: the Etruscan created the first major civilisation in the region, and established transport infrastructure, agriculture and mining. They have left us constructions and art. They have been followed by the Romans, who established today's major cities in the region: Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence.

The medieval era brought wealth to Tuscany, thanks to the pilgrim route Via Francigena.

The Medici family of Florence greatly contributed to art and architecture. Florence is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance. It has the world's finest architecture, art collections and museums.

Yet, Tuscany is predominantly rural, with vast landscapes looking much like they did a millenium ago. The postcard images of medieval town hills, rolling terraces of vines and cypress trees in the valleys is very much that you can expect to see.

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